Create Your Own with Birchwood Casey’s New Print-N-C Targets

    Print N C

    Birchwood Casey offers a wide range of targets that brightly mark shots as the bullet passes through the paper. Called Shoot-N-C, the targets offer instant feedback for shooters and can make a first time range trip much more enjoyable for both kids and adults. For those of us that have been around the block a few times, it can still aid greatly in spotting where the bullets are going.

    While Birchwood Casey offers a range of target styles with the Shoot-N-C technology, the company is now offering a new product that makes the possibilities endless: the Print-N-C.

    The new Print-N-C is a reactive paper that allows you to print images from your computer directly onto the target. After printing the image, you simply shoot it as you would any of the Shoot-N-C targets and a white ring will appear around the bullet hole. So, if you do a particular kind of hunting, you could use images of that game animal that is specific to your area on these targets for an additional level of realism.

    Unfortunately, the targets are not cheap. A pack of three 8.5″x11″ sheets carries a suggested retail price of $11.20. The upside is that you can use any kind of image you like, and the sheets are usable with both inkjet and laser printers.

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