Adjustable Target Stakes from Birchwood Casey

    I am definitely on the lookout for good target stands.  Since I started writing for The Firearm Blog, my range trips have definitely increased a bit, and lacking a nice plot of my own land to safely shoot on, I am reliant upon bringing my own targets.

    The main features I am most interested in is a stand that is light and portable.  I’ve built my own out of lumber for ~$7/each, but they are big and bulky.  I’m definitely intrigued by the Birchwood Casey design.

    They are 36″ “Adjustable” Target Stakes and use what they are calling the “Gravity Tension” clip design that should work with targets of almost any size or construction.

    These Target Stakes are well-designed, easy-to-use and portable. Constructed of heavy ¼” steel wire; the stakes will anchor solidly in the ground to allow shooters to set up target practice in any safe shooting zone. The Gravity Tension clips easily adjust up and down the stakes and firmly grip the target; eliminating the need for backer boards, push pins or staples.

    The Adjustable Targets stakes are made in the USA and sell for a suggested retail price of $32.90.

    My biggest fear with these is damage to the clips, and I can’t see anywhere on their website where you can just buy the clips.  I also imagine getting both stakes lined up perfectly on the same plane would be a challenge, but I’m still interested in giving them a shot (heh).  Does anyone have hands on with these yet (or any similar design)?  Thoughts?

    Visit the Birchwood Casey website at for more information.

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