Henning contoured grips for the CZ Shadows

    Apart from the Battlehook and the Blue Line Brand the Henning Group also make accessories for Tanfoglio and CZ handguns.

    With the new CZ Shadow II around there are now checkered and contoured grips available in a variety of colors, like black, blue, red and orange.

    We all know how important the grip of the pistol is, but there’s no reason for it not to look good at the same time.

    You can get these grips either fully checkered or semi-checkered. The semis are smoother for reaching the magazine release and the trigger, and a personal choice.

    The blue anodized ones look absolutely gorgeous, fully checkered.

    The grips are made to fit the shape of the Shadow II frame, but they also fit the SP-01 Tactical and SP-01 Shadow.

    At the widest point these grips provide a .175″ thicker grip than the factory Shadow 2 checkered grips.

    The orange look more like gold or bronze to me, still a nice choice.

    A set of low profile torx grip screws made out of heat treated 416 stainless steel comes with the grip. Semi-checkered below.

    Below: I thought these were dark blue, but it must be the color of the photo due to the flash. These are supposed to be black.

    The red grips, in semi-checkered. The full checkered version is also coming.

    Henning Wallgrens foto.
    The Henning Group Contour Checkered Grip for the CZ Shadow II, CZ Shadow I and SP-01 Tactical – you can find them here.


    Eric B

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