POTD: Wolf to import 9x39mm ammo into the US

    Steve Dittner of Wolf Performance ammo had this in his pocket at the NRA Show in Atlanta last April. Unfortunately he did not have it on him when I found out about it and missed out on seeing it the last day at NRA. Steve sent this single round to me. Wolf Performance Ammo will be importing 9x39mm. Most of the 9x39mm rounds are armor piercing and not legal for importation into the U.S. There isn’t a lot of information about Wolf’s version of 9x39mm but I was told it will be a FMJ lead projectile. No information on grain weight but hopefully they stick to the original design which is a sub sonic round with a decent amount of mass in the projectile.

    Here is a comparison. L-R: Sig Sauer .300blk 220gr, Tulammo 7.62x39mm, and the WPA 9x39mm

    Here is a hint into what Wolf has planned. They are looking into making AR-15 upper receivers chambered in 9x39mm. The cartridge does fit in an AR15 magazine.

    According to fellow writer, Hrachya, this is a commerical 9x39mm cartridge made by the Klimovsk Ammunition Plant. The “14” is the year it was manufactured. So this cartridge was made in 2014.