Ruger 77-Series Rifle Re-Introduced Due to Consumer Demand


    Back in September 2016 TFB broke that Ruger was discontinuing their 77-Series of rifles. Primarily, the revolver calibers (.357 Magnum, .44 Magnum) and the Hornets (.17 Hornet, .22 Hornet). Many of us in the industry voiced our displeasure and Ruger has been listening all along. They now are re-introducing many of the calibers that they were “temporarily” discontinuing last fall. The calibers that you will see available again are as follows:

    The rifle configurations you will see available are a good, basic assortment. The MSRPs of these rifles will lie anywhere from $939 – $1,069 depending on the configuration. A simple breakdown of the better features of these rifles looks like this:

    • Integral Scope Mounts Machined into a Stainless Steel Receiver
    • 3-Position Safety
    • Stainless Steel Bolt & Action w/ a 90° Bolt Throw
    • Detachable Rotary Magazine
    • Sling Swivel Studs
    • Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel

    Ruger did not present a full-blown press release for bringing back these rifles into circulation. Instead, they simply sent out e-mails to many gun shops and distributors stating what can be seen in the cover photo of this article:

    Ruger enthusiasts are talking and we have been listening… Ruger is happy to reintroduce select models of the 77-Series rifle.

    To get the complete overview and see the gun porn for yourself, hit up Ruger’s website.

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