Ruger 77/22 rifle review

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Shooting Times (UK) has reviewed the .22 Ruger 77/22 rifle

Priced towards the upper end of the rimfire scale, the M77/22 still gives excellent value for money. Build quality is good, as is the accuracy and reliability in the test.

With the options of stainless and synthetic designs, this rifle gives a genuinely good choice for any rimfire shooter – it has the feel of a centrefire rifle but the weight of a light sporter. Supplied with 1in dedicated scope mounts, it is a definite winner as is the pre-threaded barrel, essential on a sporting rimfire these days.

I briefly looked at getting the synthetic model. I decided it was not worth the price. In my opinion for the price it should include an adjustable trigger and free floating barrel.

Ruger 77/22-R

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Steve Steve on Mar 08, 2011

    Bought mine in '90, used, but beautiful, like-new condition. Walnut stock, which I've since put a little wear and tear on. With a crummy Bushnell 4x, it shoots lights out at 50 yds. The other day we were plinking a 5" pie-plate steel disk at 150 yds. Every shot. Best thing is, it prefers the Remington hollow points that you can buy at WallyWorld in the 525 ct milk cartons! This is a beautiful little rifle. I

  • Bob Bell Bob Bell on Jan 07, 2013

    I recieved a ruger 77 22mag for Christmas from my wife. Exactly what I wanted. a 22 mag with stainless barrela nd synthetic stock. When loading the magazine, after fifth round goes in it rattles. Will not feed properly, have to try to close bolt, round feeds part way in then have to back bolt off then on second attempt it USUSALLY feeds. Have tried several brands and types of ammo with five shots in 4 inches being the best. Have tried two different scopes.This gun is a HUGE dissapointment.

    • Kevin Kevin on Oct 31, 2013

      @Bob Bell bob i also had problems with my 77/22 22mag it was very sensitive to different ammo but I'm not going to throw in the towel yet so far i make sure to free float the barrel, smoothed the rails the bolt follows very fine sand paper 1000 grit and the polished it with mothers mag and aluminum polish also on the bolt, and im now lighting the trigger pull and taking out the trigger and sear is very easy, then i might shim up the slop in the bolt then I'll give her another try- i payed to much money to just sell it i hope it shoots better ps make sure your barrel bolts on the v block are tight that could be the problem