New Bug Out Box from NAA and Talo

    NAA Bug Out Box

    North American Arms and Talo Distributors teamed up for a new mini revolver kit called the Bug Out Box. As I understand it, the kit is supposed to be suitable for keeping as part of an emergency kit in your car, home or outdoor gear.

    The kit consists of two parts: a gun and a box (well – two boxes – see below.) The gun is a .22 LR revolver similar to the company’s other mini wheel guns. It is fitted with a stepped barrel and an orange colored Hogue Slip-On Grip. For this model, NAA installed XS Sights on the gun. The cylinder holds five rounds.

    The box is pretty standard: a clear polymer box with water resistant gaskets. The box is lockable at two points with padlocks. NAA states the kit also comes with an empty ammo box. The photos provided by the company show a Federal American Eagle ammunition box, same as the empty ones you might throw away at the range.

    The MSRP is $278. According to the information from Talo, this is a run limited at 1,500 units. So, if this is something you like, buy early.

    Bug Out Box

    In general, I like the idea of having a .22 LR gun as part of a survival kit. In rifle or larger handgun, a .22 can be used to take small game for food or to ward off larger predators. I just don’t know that this specific gun would be on my short list of guns to pack. In exchange for a bit more room in my pack, I would rather have a Henry A7. What do you think – does the NAA/Talo kit make sense for your needs?

    Richard Johnson

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