S&W SD40 and NAA Mini-22LR review

    Gun Holsters & Gear have published two gun reviews. The first is by Jay G. (of the MArooned blog). He reviews the North American Arms Mini-22LR.

    I remember as a kid when I held a mini-revolver for the first time and wondering what it was useful for. I still don’t know 😉 Jay says

    And that’s where it shines – it’s such a unique firearm that brings gunnies together, making it a great addition to any armory. You may not win any target competitions with it; you’re not going to win any IDPA matches; and it’s not recommended as a self-defense piece. But if you want something to catch people’s attention at the range; if you want something that will draw as many curious onlookers as a S&W 500 Magnum (only without the muzzle blast); or if you want something that few others are likely to have, this is a good choice for your armory.

    The other review, by resident blogger Richard, is of the Smith & Wesson SD40.

    Smith & Wesson has a real winner with the SD40. It is a very affordable pistol with excellent features and ergonomics, and 100% reliability. You can find a better pistol, or a cheaper pistol, but I don’t think you can find a better pistol at this price.

    S&W SD40
    Steve Johnson

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