Marina Amaral – Amazing historical photos brought to life with color

    I discovered this webpage of historical photos and it’s too good not to be shared with all Firearmblog readers.

    Marina Amaral decided to combine her fascination with history and Photoshop skills, and discovered that the combination was magical.

    By restoring black and white photos with colors we can now to see history from a new and colorful perspective.

    I can only agree, some of these photos will bring you back in time. 

    Famous people, Presidents, Politicians as well as historic and horrific moments of the past, brought to life again.

    You can find a few samples in this article, and if you want to see more please head for these places:

    In the “blog” above you can scroll between the original photo and the colorized version.

    You can also check Daily Mail’s D-Day photos, too good to be missed.

    More breath taking moments of history:

    Artist brings new life to these WWII photographs through color

    Below: “A 1st Royal Ulster Rifles, 6th Airborne Division (UK) sniper, on patrol in the Ardennes, wearing a snow camouflage suit, 14 January 1945.”

    Below: “A German soldier with a saw tooth bayonet stands in a dugout wearing his brow plate slid down to his neck. Presumably, this would allow him to keep the weight off his head until he raised it to place it over his helmet lugs, World War One.”

    Photo courtesy of Michael Welch

    Below: YouTube – Historical photographs brought back to life by Marina Amaral.

     If you have your own black and white photos she can restore them for you.
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