Double Down On Doomsday Builds – The .223 By Four

    What is it about doomsday scenarios that have us all intrigued? The Hollywood productions alone have made TEOTWAWKI scenarios a billion dollar industry, not to mention “prepping” and related activities. Case in point, our story from two weeks ago about an user’s scrap built rifle was extremely popular, with super retailer Brownells even getting in on the action.

    This week, TFB “super fan” Charles sent in prictures of his awesome scrap build. (I made up the part about the super fan). Ever seen a wooden AR lower?

    Here’s my version of an apocalypse AR:

    It’s alternately nicknamed the “two by foAR” or the “.223 by four”.
    After doing a couple polymer lowers I decided I wanted to make one out of wood. Originally this one was only supposed to be a concept lower before buying some better wood, but now I like it as is. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to build an AR. With a little patience, anyone who’s a little handy could do this.

    It’s made using only a hacksaw, files, a drill press, and a trim router. All he parts were either materials or spare parts I had laying around. I’m a machinist, but I specifically wanted to keep this one away from my lathe and mill. To get the pins just right I used the drill chuck like a lathe and files to tweak the diameters.

    The receiver is obviously pieces of 2×4, held together with drywall screws. The plate on the side is some aluminum flashing backing up some Harbor Freight springs for the mag release that’s activated by the steel pin sticking out the side. The same aluminum adds some reinforcing to the pivot pin area. Some different scrap aluminum makes up the afterthought of a trigger guard.

    The home brew bolt action upper was actually going to be a different project when I ended up with a barrel that didn’t have a gas hole drilled.
    The first plan was to just leave the bottom flat but at the last minute I remembered I had the AK grip on the shelf. The steel tube “scope” was added as a joke but actually feels right on it. That piece is literally as-is from my scrap pile.

    I’ve only tested it out to 50 yards, but it seemed as consistent as most AR’s I’ve used. Makes sense since most of an AR’s accuracy is in the upper and as a bolt action only it has fewer moving parts to mess up. I’m sure it could do better if I added some cross hairs to the scope.

    Just thought you might might get a kick out of it. Thus far it’s only been seen on my private facebook page and at my local range.



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