Post Doomsday – Armageddon – Zombies AR15 Build

    If you were expecting a factory fresh Daniel Defense or Knights Armament ultra-reliable AR15 that would survive ‘end of days’ style scenarios, you’d be┬ámistaken. This is a rifle built from scraps using unorthodox techniques and designs as far from milspec as physically possible. Even so, this doomsday build is completely awesome.

    I have frequented for 12 years and in that time I have come across some amazing guns, gear and people. Sure, the general discussion (GD) area is full of tall tales and rants, but for the most part, the largest gun forum on the web gets a bad rap. There’s a lot of knowledge and genuinely good people tucked away in the technical sections ARFCOM.

    Which brings us to this beauty – user Raider14 set out to build a functional AR out of reclaimed materials. Obviously some of the more precise parts are pulled from factory guns – the barrel, bolt, upper, etc, but the lower, receiver extension and the majority of other parts are all masterfully cut and welded in Raider’s shop. The lower is actually a weldable kit from The Flat Spot.

    I absolutely love projects like this. Anyone can push pins together and master torque settings. But welding together a functional AR15 lower? That’s next-level gangsters skills right there. Click the link below to read through the whole thread.

    Read the entire Doomsday build thread on ARFCOM here:














    Although he’s dealing with a few FTF/FTE issues, the rifle does shoot 90% of the time while Raider14 works out the kinks.

    He asked that I acknowledge the following individuals for their help and support. After all, surviving a post-apocalyptic scenario will require preparation, skills, tools and most of all, friends.




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