“Master of the Grill Apron” by 5.11 Tactical

    5.11 Tactical has been known to take a practical joke or two and turn them into products. The Tactical Kilt comes immediately to mind – which started as a April Fool’s joke. Turns out the joke was on 5.11, who every year since has actually released the kilt for consumption.

    I’m proud to admit, that I am one of those kilt owners…

    Latest product up on the 5.11 is not joking series is the “Master of the Grill Apron”. Released just in time for Father’s Day (Coincidence? I think not.), the apron comes complete with all the 5.11 Tactical goodness common to their other products.  The apron itself is teflon-coated for taking on the toughest summer grilling missions and has various pockets all over for grilling tools. If those are not enough, the apron has MOLLE rows for additional pouches and meat-cooking accessories.

    Oh, and its even “patch-compatible” per 5.11, so you can move some of your best patches from the wall to your grill station! Retail is set at $49.99 for the single size apron in 5.11’s “Tundra” color pattern. 

    My issues? I think this is being mismarketed. It’s a novelty for the grill but actually, makes for a bad-ass gunsmithing and general work apron.

    I think I want one to complete my kilt…


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