POTD: Dutch SWAT GQ – Looking Good And Kicking Butt

    Found this gem on Gearwhores Anonymous. It is a photo of some Dutch Swat and DSI officers. The guy in the middle looks like he was in the middle of a GQ magazine photoshoot when feces hit the fan. While the other two guys are dressed to the nines. Not sure why they need Pvs-31 NODs in day time but sure why not, rock ’em if you got ’em. The officer on the right is sporting an SBR rocking a Rheinmetall LLM01 weapon light/laser. He has a Glock and a shotgun. He’s ready for 3 gun lol. The other DSI officer has his Glock on his chest because the MP7 on his thigh holster.  Meanwhile he is cradling his H&K G28 suppressed rifle.