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    Years of living in a state that does not allow the civilian ownership of silencers introduced me to the world of suppressed precision airguns. And if you thought the accessory market in the “powder burner” realm was stacked deep with must-haves, the airgun options are a close second. Case in point, in the woods, at the range or out hunting, you don’t want to be digging in your pocket for pellets. What you need is a Wilkins leather ammo pouch.

    Now that I am in a land of full-freedom, my airguns and supplies have been sold off or repurposed. My original Wilkins pouch now holds my subsonic rimfire ammo for quiet plinking. I also just picked up a second pouch that I am going to use to hold subsonic .38 Special rounds for my suppressed Ruger 77/357.

    I love my Kydex holsters and polymer Magpul gear, but there is something about a refined piece of leather that just goes well with guns. Trust me, you need one of these in your life.


    Pouch Features

    • Strong, sturdy and long-lasting
    • Supplied with a cord for wearing around the neck and quick release belt clip
    • Completely sealable while still offering easy access
    • Single-handed, press-stud opening – no pellet spillage when closed
    • Virtually silent operation for hunting

    Large Wilkins Pellet Pouch

    3½” diameter
    Holds a full tin of pellets plus a large magazine
    Ammo pouch suitable for .177 or .22 and rimfire ammunition

    Medium Wilkins Pellet Pouch

    2½” diameter
    Holds approximately 125 x .177 pellets
    Ammo pouch suitable for .177 or .22 ammunition
    Also suitable for shotgunners to carry ear-defenders

    ~£25 Shipped (~$30 USD Shipped)

    The Perfect Pellet Pouch

    …a beautifully crafted, hard-leather pouch which could be clipped to the belt or worn around the neck, allowing easy press-stud access to the pellets. The large pouch would hold a whole tin full of pellets and the magazine from his 10 shot Daystate Harrier. It would never spill when closed and was such fine quality he knew it would be a instant success with his fellow shooters. He brought back a small quantity of pouches which sold like hot cakes. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Wilkins Pouches – http://www.wilkinspouches.com
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