POTD: The Grey Ghost (Suppressed Short Barreled Rifle)

    Pete sent us this very nifty .357 Magnum / .38 Special ultra-quiet suppressed hunting carbine. I LOVE this kind of setup. Here is what Pete said …

    This project was born from a whisper-quiet suppressed H&R Handi Rifle in .357 Magnum. While the Handi Rifle was a lot of fun to shoot, I wanted a repeater that was compact, well balance and accurate. And the Ruger 77/357 was the perfect platform for an all around woods rifle.

    Using 148grn .38 Special Remington wadcutters, the hammer dropping on the firing pin and the round hitting steel are the loudest sounds when shooting the Ghost. With full power .357 Magnum, this gun will be capable of taking most medium sized game.

    Forstner drill bits and a Dremel with a sanding wheel were used to inlet the stock to accept the suppressor. This gives the rifle an integrally-suppressed length and feel, while still maintaining the ability to move or upgrade the suppressor as needed.

    This was a fun and satisfying project that should provide a compact rifle that will be quiet and stealthy in a woods setting. Hence the name, “Grey Ghost”.

    * Rifle: Ruger 77/357

    * ATF Form 1: ATF EFile

    * Suppressor: Liberty Mystic

    * Barrel Threading: Dallas Shooting Supplies

    * Optic: Vortex Diamondback 1.75-5x

    * Tungsten Cerakote: SMI Powdercoat

    * NFA Engraving: c/o MAC Tactical

    * Trigger Work: Volquartsen 77/22 Target Sear

    * Stock: Boyds Hunter

    Thanks Pete, and a special thanks for including your parts list.