Lightning Review: Springfield Armory Silent Operator

    Last month, Adam S. posted about the Master Class Silent Operator from Springfield Armory. Just a couple weeks ago my friend Corey bought one at a local gun shop. Ace Sporting Goods had it for $1,900. Not bad considering the MSRP was reported at $2,195.

    The Silent Operator comes in a standard Springfield Armory pistol case.

    It even calls out that it is a Master Class pistol.

    You get the usual accouterments and two 7-rd magazines.


    As Adam noted in his article, the Silent Operator is made in their Master Class custom shop. They have added a mag well to ease feeding of mags. The front strap has been given aggressive checkering.


    On top of the slide, Springfield has installed tall tritium Trijicon night sights to help when shooting with a suppressor.

    You can make out the Master Class logo etched into the slide just next to the slide serrations.

    The barrel is threaded you can attach any .45acp pistol suppressor you want. Just behind the threaded barrel, you will notice the front slide serrations.

    We tested the Silent Operator with Corey’s Osprey 45.


    The tall Trijicon sights clear the Osprey 45 just fine.


    We tested the Silent Operator against my FNX-45 Tactical and a Glock 21. Below you can see his Osprey 45 is older and has the SWR logo engraved into the side.

    At first, the Silent Operator was very loud compared to the FNX-45 Tactical. We tried Corey’s Glock 21 as well and it was the loudest out of the three. Corey then thought maybe it was his Osprey45 vs mine that might make the difference. He has had his longer and has shot more through it so we tried it again with my Osprey 45 and the Silent Operator was just as quiet as my FNX-45 Tactical.



    The Silent Operator is a great 1911 and it is fun to shoot suppressed. There are not that many 1911s that come with a threaded barrel so this is a nice feature if you like to shoot suppressed like Corey and I. The price tag is a bit hefty but it is a custom shop pistol so I know there was a lot of work done to this 1911 and that helps set this pistol apart from regular 1911s. I’m glad to have Corey as a friend so I get to live vicariously through his gun purchases.

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