POTD: North Korean Helical Mags Aka “Grenade Launchers”

    During the “Day Of The Sun” celebration North Korean soldiers were shown wearing night vision goggles and “grenade launchers”

    Jay Akbar of Mailonline a division of Daily Mail News wrongly identified the AK helical magazines as grenade launchers. We should not be surprised by the media getting things wrong.

    I am more curious to know if those magazines actually have any ammo in them and what night vision goggles are they using? are they real night vision or are they just faking it ’til they make it?

    The pistols on their chests are also a mystery. Hrachya H. thinks they might be CZ-75 clones. Sadly information on firearms used in North Korea is slim to none. We can at least discuss based on these photos.

    Here are some other photos from the Daily Mail article.