YouTube Gun Channels Are In Danger

Patrick R
by Patrick R

Yesterday we found out that YouTube gun channels are in danger of losing any ad support that they have come to rely on. TFB TV is among those channels that are affected.

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Today Patrick talks about what is going on in regards to the demonetization and what effects that might have on the YouTube gun community. You can also do something to help TFB TV continue to provide the content that you have come to know and love by donating a dollar or two on Patreon.

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Patrick R
Patrick R

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  • Barry Brindisi Barry Brindisi on Apr 11, 2017

    Hi Patrick.
    I'm doing a little research for a similar blog story for my own site, Inspiration Point. Obviously, it's not about gun ads. Rather, I am concerned about my fellow content creators in the YouTube community. They have the same problems, as gun related YouTube channels. I'm glad someone is talking about it; even if we're not on the same page in the area of guns. I may just reference this blog post.

  • Fox Hunter Fox Hunter on Apr 18, 2017

    Go to instead of youtube.