POTD: Freedom Behind Old Glory

    Jorge aka @silencers_1909 of Capitol Armory shows off his impressive suppressor collection and his Remington 870 storage space. It is one of those wooden pallet flags with a compartment hidden behind it.

    Here is the list of suppressors These are just his SilencerCo cans.

    Salvo 8B
    Salvo 12
    Harvester Big Bore
    Harvester 30
    Specwar 762
    Specwar 556
    Specwar 556K
    Saker 762
    Saker 556
    Saker 556K
    Saker 556K
    Omega 30
    Omega 30
    Omega 9K
    Omega 9K
    Osprey 45
    Osprey 40
    Osprey 9
    Osprey 45K
    Osprey 45K
    Octane 45
    Octane 9
    Octane 45K
    22 Sparrow
    Sparrow SS
    Warlock 2
    Spectre 2
    Osprey Micro
    Osprey Micro