New Russian Competition Pistol called PE-10

    Russian company “Souz TM” (a.k.a STM Arms) has introduced a new competition pistol called PE-10 (ПЕ-10). It is specially designed for practical shooting competition use – IPSC Standard division (major power factor). The pistol is chambered in .40 S&W with 17 round capacity. It feeds from CZ-75 ТS pistol magazines.

    The company is a new one established in 2016. The designer of PE-10 is Yevgeniy Yefimov who is a long time competition shooter. The name PE stands for Yefimov Pistol (Пистолет Ефимова) and 10 is the caliber in millimeters. Not to confuse you, it is not chambered in 10 mm Auto. Just .40 S&W is also a 10mm caliber cartridge. It is also the first Russian pistol in .40 S&W.

    In the interview given to a Russian news website Lenta.Ru the designer told, that the gun has a traditional (Browning) mechanism, but it is built much stronger than the competitors. The gun has some small features which make it different. Particularly, he points out that the recoiling barrel stops against the frame at its rearmost position and not on the slide stop/disassembly lever axis.

    The gun is a single action only. It has an ambidextrous safety selector, reversible magazine release button and a removable thumb rest. Grips are made of aluminum with what looks to be non-slip tape inserts. The gun also features a flared magazine well and a skeletonized hammer.

    Here is a presentation video of the PE-10 pistol.

    STM Arms will release the first batch of 50 pistols in June 2017. The price for the pistol is 175,000 rubles which is equal to about $3000. The company officials said that their main goal was to make the highest quality pistol for competition shooters and they understood that it will be expensive. They also plan to make a version chambered in 9x19mm and competition revolvers in future.

    Here are some tech specs of the PE-10 pistol:

    Caliber – .40S&W (10х21 mm)

    Dimensions –  8.8″x5.8″x1.73″ (224х147х44 mm)

    Slide thickness – .985″ (25mm)

    Weight (without ammunition) – 2 lb 9.3 oz (1170 grams)

    Barrel length – 4.94″ (125.5 mm)

    Barrel thickness – .610 (15.5 mm)

    Number of riflings – 6 (right hand)

    Magazine capacity – 17 cartridges

    Sight radius – 7.1″ (180.2 mm)

    Trigger pull weight  – under 2 lb 3.3 oz (1 kilogram)


    Here is also a set of images courtesy of “Владислав ODiLISk” YouTube channel:

    …and a video (in Russian) from the same channel showing the disassembly and more shooting footage:

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