CZ-75 History, New Models, and Engraved Examples

    As a CZ-75 fan, it was great to visit the CZ factory in the Czech Republic. One of the highlights of the trip was examining the first prototype of the CZ-75 as well as the first serialized production model and the one millionth pistol made.

    Alice Poluchova, president of CZ-USA, gave us an overview of what makes the CZ-75 such a popular firearm and discussed some of the newer models based on the 75 design. Thirty-six years after it was first introduced, it’s still being copied widely, not to mention produced in great numbers by CZ.

    CZ-75: Past and Present

    Also, I had a chance to examine some beautiful engraved CZs in 9mm and .45. Words can’t describe their beauty – watch the video!

    Hand Engraved CZ Pistols

    Here are photos of some of the handguns discussed in the videos:

    CZ-75 Prototype
    Prototype of CZ-75

    CZ-75 Number 1
    First serialized production CZ-75

    CZ-75 Number 1 Million
    Millionth CZ-75 made

    Engraved CZ-75
    Engraved CZ-75

    Engraved CZ-97
    Engraved CZ-97

    Andrew Tuohy

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