New: Leica Visus 1-4×24 i LW riflescope

    At IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 Leica presented a new rifle scope focused at customers looking for a high-quality optic in an exclusive design for the driven hunt.

    As much as possible of plastic and rubber materials have been removed, with the exception of the rubber eye-cup. Instead these materials have been replaced by metal, and you can have them in high gloss if you like – hand polished! You can see the different reflections in the top image.

    The field of view at minimum magnification (100 meters) is 36 ft / 11. meters.

    The field of view at maximum magnification (100 meters) is 10.5 ft / 3.2 meters.

    Apart from the scope itself, the package includes rifle scope caps for front lens and eyepiece and a cleaning tissue.

    The Leica Visus i LW models are a unique combination of the fine arts of engineering, classical style and modern technology. Traditional design elements like specially developed surface finishes meet modern, daylight-readable illumination and the ultimate in optical design.

    The Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW guarantees extremely fast and accurate target location, especially with running game. The modern optics ensures a high contrast and dependable sighting under even the most unfavourable light conditions.

    All Leica Visus i LW models are available in two elegant surface finishes: gloss or matt. The high-quality aluminium surfaces of each individual riflescope are hand polished for hours to achieve a classic, refined look and feel. Just like their gloss-finished counterparts, the Leica Visus i LW models are modern riflescopes with classical, slender lines. The sandblasted, hard-anodised aluminium surface finish is particularly robust and resistant to scratches and abrasion.

    Below: A Drilling with the Leica Visus 1-4×24 i LW.

    Furthermore, the Leica 1-4x offers:

    • Outstanding optical properties and high contrast, even in the twilight hours
    • Clear, daylight-readable reticle illumination with smart, automatic power-off
    • Hand polished, anodized aluminum surfaces
    • Robust and dependable mechanical systems for exceptional reliability and long service life
    • Simple and intuitive handling – even at low temperatures and in darkness
    • Long center tube enables custom mounting and optimum eye-relief


    It’s clear that Leica are targeting the high-end market and the not so overly price sensitive customer group. For instance, the Zeiss V6 1.1-6x line with 6x power is priced in the same region.

    Prices are as follows for the Leica Visus 1-4×24 i LW:

    Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW matt – 1 400 Euro

    Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW matt with rail – 1 500 Euro

    Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW gloss – 1 700 Euro


    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.