Gunfighters INC New and Improved Gen2 Kenai Chest Holsters

    Remember the Kenai Chest Holster we posted about last year? Well the folks over at Gunfighters INC showed off their Gen2 Kenai Chest Holster over on their Facebook page recently. What’s new with the Gen2 chest Kenai Chest Holsters? They will now be made in house on their own CNC molds which they claim will improve production, this in turn should improve the holster retention as well as help make their holster flatter and sit closer to the users chest. From their Facebook post:

    We are building custom molds with a CNC – mostly cleaner, crisper definition and allows us to better control retention and have cleaner channels for sights, slide releases, etc.

    Biggest thing though is it has allowed us to change the bias between the front and back shell. Basically it means the part of the holster against the body is flatter and lower profile.

    Their new Gen2 Kenai Chest Holsters will be available for the following handguns with more on the way:

    – Glock 20/21, 40MOS, 17 and 19
    – Ruger SRH
    – S&W N, X and L frames

    They’re currently only available for right handed shooters in black, MAS Grey or Coyote. They retail for $150 over at The Kenai Chest Holster is marketed towards hunters, hikers, fishermen and the outdoorsman. Why would you want a chest holster vs one on your belt? Comfort while carrying a large frame pistol, accessibility when wearing bulky winter clothing and keeping your pistol dry if you’re wading through water. For the demographic they’re aiming at I can see this being a viable option. For those patrolling malls not so much.

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