Kenai Chest Holster

    A good holster is an important piece of equipment and there’s a ton of different kinds on the market. From the odd rifle rail mounted GripShot holster to vehicle mounted holsters to budget priced Kydex holsters for competition use or concealed carry. The folks from Gunfighters Inc have a pretty interesting holster design called the Kenai Chest Holster. As the name implies it’s a holster on your chest held in place with a harness. It’s aimed at hikers, fishermen, hunters etc. Their holster harness system was designed to be comfortable for use all day no matter what you’re doing.

    They placed their buckles to be out of the way of any backpack straps to minimize rub spots and they’ve designed it to have a generous amount of stretch webbing for comfort and increased mobility. It’s fully adjustable for most body types so you can wear it higher up or lower on your chest. Their harness is made out of US made nylon and is hand sewn here in the USA as well and is waterproof coated. The holster itself is made out of Kydex and is available for Glocks, Smith and Wesson revolvers, Ruger Revolvers, 1911s, Springfield handguns, Sig Sauers, Smith and Wesson semi-autos, Taurus, HK, FNH/Browning, Ruger semi-autos, Berettas, Walther, CZ, Colt revolvers, and Kahrs. They retail for $150 and are actually available on Amazon where they seem to be highly rated.


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