POTD: New Unfired Nickel Colt Python and Colt Diamondback

    Most of us drop into local gunshops from time to time just to see what’s new. The fun part is you never know what you’ll find. When I visited this particular shop I was blown away by what I found.

    Let me preface this by saying I’ve always loved the Colt Python as well as the smaller brother the Diamondback. At one time or another I’ve owned about every model and finish of Python ever made. I sure can’t afford one these days with the prices rising to dizzying heights.

    Let’s get back to the discovery. When I walked in the owner of the shop walked up and said I have something to show you-you will not believe. He was right it was hard to believe. It’s rare to see a Python these days but to be shown a 6 inch Colt Python in Nickel finish, new and unfired in the box from 1976 is just so unlikely I was truly shocked at what I was looking at. Not only was there the Python but the owner also purchased a four inch Colt Diamondback, in nickel chambered as they all were in .38 special. The Diamondback was also new and unfired! They were about as close to perfect as possible. I’d rate them both at 98+ %.

    1976 Colt Python New Unfired 1976

    The owner said a man came in and just wanted to sell them both. The gentleman related that these two had been in his gun safe since he purchased them in 1976.They came out of the safe to admire then went right back in. He could just never bring himself to shoot them. I would not have had that problem then or now! After some long and serious negotiating a price for both was agreed to. I asked the shop owner if he was keeping them and surprisingly he said no he was getting ready to tag the Python and put them both in the case. After fondling them for a good 15 minutes I wiped them off and handed them back feeling very lucky just to see and handle these classic revolvers from a time when Colt was still a very prestigious name in handguns.

    Colt Diamondback 38 Special

    Now I know you want to know the price and my bet is they are more than you think. The Python is marked at $4500.00 while the Diamondback is marked at $2200.00. That is one heck of a lot of money but I bet he sells them before long. The chances are slim to none of finding another set like this in such wonderful condition. You might watch Gunbroker they may just turn up there. Of course, you’ll need a second mortgage on your home to buy them. Sorry, the photos aren’t better all I had was my IPhone. Still, I wanted the readers to see and enjoy these two revolvers.