POTD: American 180

    SilencerCo posted up this photo of an American-180 on their Instagram page.

    For those not familiar with the American-180, it is a .22LR machine gun that feeds from a large capacity pan magazine. The magazine came in different capacities, 165, 220, or 275 rounds. E&L Manufacturing still makes these magazines and even makes parts for the American 180 as well as a semi auto version.

    According to E&L Mfg website, there was a quad mount made for these guns.

    ILARCO built a few quad-mounted American 180s. These “Quad 22s” fired from a tripod at a truely devastating rate of over 6000+ rounds per minute.

    An American 180 salesman from the New England area mounted a pair of quad American 180s on a Falcon ultralight airplane. The “Quad 22s” were placed in removable brackets of the left and right sides of the fuselage. The salesman was hoping for sales to third world governments.

    The individual guns could be fired in any combination. They could be fired one at a time, or one on the left and one of the right, or all eight at once. Using 275 round drums and firing the guns singly produced eighty-eight seconds of fire.

    In most cases, all eight American 180s would be fired at once to minimize return fire from the ground. This translates into over 12,000+ rounds per minute!