The “Most Armed Man in America?” – Dragon Man At Least a Strong Contender

    As a writer here in the industry, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some prodigious collections of firearms in private hands, but I cannot say I have seen anything anywhere near the collection of the Dragon Man of Dragonmans gun range, firearms, paintall, and museam.

    Hot Brass and Bullets recently got an exclusive tour of Dragonmans collection starting off with over 200 machine guns which Dragon Man proclaims that “I don’t think anyone in the United States has that many guns in their name.” I can assure you, I have seen those with more than 5x this number, but then Dragon Man steps it up a bit. And then he states that he has over 300 Garands before going into detail on his grenades, mortars, land mines, and other explosive devices.

    His collection includes a Jeep equipped with no less than two machine guns (an M60 and a Ma-Duece”) and then onto a custom motorcycle with two Colt SMGs. Further, the collection includes recoilless rifles (rarely shot due to their destructive potential on the range’s berms of even the smallest offering).

    Though the collection is fantastic, perhaps even more impressive is his museum including uniforms, rifles, and weapons all from the United States’ various war periods.

    For those curious, the full details and video on the collection is available below on video or one can stop by and visit Dragonmans in Colorado anytime


    Nathan S

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