Briley Match Triggers for Semi-Auto Shotguns

    Briley Manufacturing has introduced new match grade triggers for a number of popular semi-auto shotguns. In order to install the triggers, Briley suggests to disassemble the trigger assembly of your shotgun and send it to them. They’ll install the triggers and send it back within two weeks. The triggers for all shotgun models cost $270. The price includes the installation, but shipping costs are not included. Also, these are not sold separately, so you can’t order them to install yourself.

    Briley offers their new triggers for the following models of semi-auto shotguns:

    1) Remington Versa Max

    2) Benelli. This trigger fits all Benelli semi-auto shotguns excluding the Benelli Vinci

    3) Franchi Affinity

    4) Stoeger 3000

    5) Beretta A400 Xplor, Xcel, Xtreme Unico (will not fit 391 Xtrema)

    6) Beretta 390, 391, 3901, A303 (will not fit A300)



    So three basic parts that are replaced with custom ones are the trigger, hammer and sear.

    Briley claims that these triggers are very close in performance to that of the fine over and under shotguns. The triggers are CAD designed and the trigger pull weight is also computer calculated. They are machined from tool steel and heat treated to 52 Rockwell C hardness. The gold color finish is a titanium nitride. They also offer installation for both long and short lengths of pull. The short length of pull is the factory position of the trigger and the long one is when the trigger spur is installed .25″ forward of its conventional position (thus increasing the length of pull).

    I think it would be much better if they made these triggers drop-in parts.


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