Central Armed Forces Museum, Moscow, Russia.

    Here follows a short story from a recent visit to the Central Armed Forces Museum.

    The place is also known as the Museum of the Soviet Army and is located in the northern part of Moscow, close to the Red Army Theater.

    Lets’ begin with the entrance, where we find a T-34 tank.

    R-9 Desna missile (left)

    Outside, there are also a Mil Mi-24A helicopter, a Sukhoi SU-27 (1986) and a S-125 surface-to-air missiles and lots of other similar exhibits.

    The SS-20 Saber, which was an intermediate-range ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead deployed by the Soviet Union from 1976 to 1988.  The NATO reporting name was SS-20 Saber.

    Modern Russian weapons

    More moderns Russian firearms.

    A window from the submarine Kursk.

    The instrument panel from a Vostok space shuttle, as used by Gagarin.  Not sure if this one is from Vostok 1.

    A helmet which belonged to Pham Thanh Ngan, who with his Mig-21 downed 8 American planes during the Vietnam war. 

    Mig-21 rockets

    The wreckage from Gary Powers’ Lockheed U-2, which was shot down over Soviet Union in 1960 by a S-75 missile. Wikipedia has more if you’re interested, check here.

    A German MG 42 from 1942.

    9 mm Makarov pistol. Looks like premium edition.

    AK section.

    A place designated the fighter pilot Ivan Kozhedub. Heor of the Soviet Union no less than three times. One of few who ever downed a German ME-262 (jet plane). I think he used a Lavochkin La-7.

    Pistol from Tula gun factory, a gift to Stalin.

    Another gift to Stalin, from Izhevsk gun factory.

    Stalin’s jacket

    Sturmgewehr 44.

    More German weapons from World War II.

    German Iron Crosses.

    The nazi eagle from Berlin Reichstag.


    The  Hall of Victory is full of German firearms, iron crosses and other conquered things.

    Dagger from the SA troops.

    Shpagin PPSh-41

    Machine gun used against the Germans at the Eastern Front in World War 1943.

    From Belarus 1941, fort Brest, where the Russians defended themselves against the Germans during Operation Barbarossa. The inscription reads: “I’m dying, but I will never surrender! Farwell Motherland!

    History lesson here.

    German “Work book”, rifles and machine gun.

    MP 40 (1940)

    The gift shop. The plate with Putin top left says “Crimea is ours”.

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