Simunitions at Las Vegas Gunfights

    Having gone through the Simunitions instructor program, I can attest to the fact that it Is some of the most realistic force on force training available to law enforcement and the military. Although at first glance the program may look like a more realistic version of paintball, the use of converted firearms and following  use of force guidelines make Simunitions a recognized training component of numerous agencies world wide.

    For example, whereas in paintball the objective may be to capture a flag by smoking as many competitors as possible, Sims scenarios focus on realistic escalation of force. Bad guy with just his fists? Only proper use of commands and compliance techniques could be required. A deadly weapon shows up and the Simunitions are now in play.

    As far as I can tell, Las Vegas Gunfights is one of only a few training centers available to non MIL/LE customers. And while there is a definite entertainment focus to their business, the use of the Simunitions training regimen requires proper instruction and techniques.

    If you’ve never had the opportunity to try real force on force training, the next time you are in Las Vegas I suggest you give these guys a call. It’s eye opening to see how you would react to a simulated use of force situation.

    Prices start at $169 for pistol-based scenarios.

    The Las Vegas Gunfights is the only gun range and entertainment facility of its’ kind. Utilizing Simunition Sport, a non-lethal training ammunition, our guests can enjoy a realistic but very safe gunfight experience using real guns. Engage in force-on-force training, throw a party in our authentic ATF Lounge, or sign up for . From first time shooters to seasoned pros, there is something here for everyone to enjoy!

    Unlike typical gun ranges with fixed stalls and paper targets, Las Vegas Gunfights offers guests a safer and infinitely more dynamic shooting experience. Las Vegas Gunfights allows you get geared up with the latest special ops equipment, load up on Simunition, and engage a real life adversary in a realistic gunfight experience. Training is available.

    Through an exclusive agreement with Simunition, the Las Vegas Gunfights blends the realistic training capabilities of Simunition with the engaging power of entertainment to create “enter-train-ment” experiences that support responsible firearms training and essential, life-saving tactics.


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