Iranian Striker Fired Polymer Handgun Introduced

    At a recent display of small arms and light weapons in Tehran, the Iranian defense industry showcased a number of new products, as reported by Fars News. Among the products on display, a certain handgun was shown that hasn’t been reported on previously. From the very little mention of it in the Farsi text, there isn’t much information that can be gathered from the article or elsewhere on the internet about the handgun. The right side appears to have “M9-02”, but that doesn’t tell us very much.

    It appears to be a polymer framed, striker fired, 9x19mm handgun, with much inspiration drawn from a Walter P99 through the method of disassembly and overall shape of the frame. The magazine appears to have an added capacity floor plate, leading me to assume that another magazine is available with a flush fit option. It seems to lack a manual safety, usually a requirement for military handguns, and it appears to have night sights by way of white dots embedded in them. Whether these sights light up at night through the use of tritium or another substance is unclear at this moment.

    Iran is going through a substantial rearmament and redesign of a number of weapon systems, to include the primary issue rifle, taking on an AR15 appearance. Earlier, Iran produced a Glock-like handgun called the Raa’d (Thunderbolt), but this appears to have not been adopted in any substantial numbers or at all.


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