9mm D3-9SD: Integrally Suppressed AR

    Once again, in the “if it’s new to me, it has to be new to someone else” catagory, Desert Design and Development offers an integrally suppressed 9mm AR carbine called the D3-9SD for sale in a variety of configurations. Similar to the iconic MP5-SD made by Heckler & Koch, the D3 features a ported barrel that is threaded at the chamber end of the barrel rather than the muzzle.

    This configuration allows for the use of a variety of different ammunition; by bleeding off extra velocity, rounds exit the barrel at subsonic speeds, avoiding the extra crack from breaking the bound barrier. It also allows for a great deal of internal volume inside the suppressor. The end result should be a very quiet setup.

    One major difference, however: the D3-9SD is a straight blow-back action rather than its HK counter part that utilizes a roller delayed action. Having never heard one in action, I’m willing to bet it’s still very quiet.

    Details and specifications below.

    Wait, I almost forgot, they offer .40 S&W, 10mm and .45ACP versions as well.


    D3-SD9 9mm AR Description:

    The D3-9SD, also known as the, “Ultimate Urban Carbine”, maintains the familiarity of the AR platform, the stealth of the H&K MP5-SD style suppressor, and utilizes the popular Glock 17/18/19 double stack 9MM pistol magazines.

    The Glock Pistol is so popular with civilians, Law Enforcement, and government agencies. This carbine is designed to complement their existing Glock handguns and give them the tactical advantage of carrying only one caliber magazine and share it on both pistol and carbine. This allows quick transition from a sidearm to an extremely quiet and accurate suppressed carbine.

    D3-SD9 Specifications:

    • Overall Length: 22-29″ depending on stock
    • Barrel/Suppressor Length: 13.5″ installed
    • Barrel: 6.75: ported, 4140 steel, 1:10 twist, parkerized
    • Serviceable Suppressor: not recommended
    • Enhanced hybrid bolt carrier
    • Standard charging handle
    • 9mm Deflector & short dust cover
    • 9″ Forend: choice of KeyMod or Quad-rail. 6160-T6 Anodized
    • Forged lower: 7075-T6, Hard Coat Anodized
    • Magpul K2 Grip
    • Magpul MOE mil-spec stock and 6-position buffer tube
    • One 30+ rnd magazine
    • Optics Ready
    • Semi-auto fire group
    • Full auto available with LE/Gov’t letter
    • Base Weight: approximately 7.0 lbs. depending on caliber and configuration
    • NFA Rules Apply

    MSRP: Starting at $2,699

    Pistol versions are also available.

    Note: It should go without saying but, do NOT shoot this barrel without having the suppressor properly seated and installed. The escaping gasses from the ports can burn you.


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