POTD: H&K MP7 Briefcase

    Independant Studio Services aka ISS Weapons posted a picture of a rare MP7 Deployment briefcase. I have not found any information on this if it is an actual H&K product like the original MP5K briefcase which you can see Rusty’s lightning review here. The MP5K briefcase was designed to fire the MP5K while it was concealed within the briefcase. The handle was fixed and had a trigger linked to some linkages that would actuate the MP5K trigger.

    Looking at the limited image above, I do not see such an actuator. I do see a giant palm bar. If you look closely at the right side of the case, even though it is cropped I do not see anything that looks like a hole in the side of the case. The MP5K case has a meal tube that the barrel is shoved into. This tube acts like a muzzle device keeping muzzle blast forward and out the case as opposed to letting the muzzle blast stay inside the case. This keeps the case clean and helps guide the muzzle so the rounds do not accidentally strike the side of the case. However I do not see this same design in the MP7 case above which leads me to believe this case does not fire the MP7 while it is inside the case. Look at the wording ISS Weapons used on their Instagram post.

    I’m guessing you don’t have one of these or have even seen one of these. Few made…and we have two. HK MP7 Deployment briefcase. #hk#hecklerandkoch#mp7#issprops#proplife#props#movies#rare#hollywood ##gunpoctures#gun#guns#smg#2a#germany#pewpew#gunporn#igmalitia#molanlabe#firearm#tactical#want#need

    They use the words “Deployment Briefcase” sounds to me like all it does is deploy the MP7 from its concealment. From the photo it appears that the case just opens and you can quickly access the MP7. I think this could have been designed much better.

    Remember the Magpul FMG-9?

    Or better yet the handle of the MP7 briefcase is like a carry handle sight for the MP7 and when you actuate the release mechanism, the case would fall away from the MP7 allowing the user to simply grab fire control and start doing work. Rather than opening the case and diving in to retrieve the gun. Save a step and be faster.