Hornady Grows the ELD-X & ELD Match while Trimming the A-MAX


    As Hornady continues to slowly grow their offerings of the ELD-X and ELD Match they are trimming down the A-MAX. The A-MAX for many years proved to be a great bullet for reloaders. Where the A-MAX may have fell short over time is in its polymer tip. Both the ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding) and ELD (Extremely Low Drag) Match employ what Hornady calls a “Heat Shield Tip.” It is meant to resist deforming, or basically melting, while in flight. The A-MAX is a good bullet in its own right, but does not have this new technology.

    With the ELD-X and ELD Match growing in popularity the A-MAX is slowly and silently being phased out.

    What we have to go off of as consumers is not a very scientific method, but bare with me. Every year Hornady produces a complete listing of their bullets in a poster and product catalog. The evolution of their product offerings and what is no longer available is pretty apparent if you compare 2016 to 2017.


    • 2016 – 11 Bullets (.22 Cal to .50 Cal)
    • 2017 – 3 Bullets (.30 Cal to .50 Cal)

    Hornady 2017 – A-MAX



    • 2016 – 7 Bullets (6.5mm to .30 Cal)
    • 2017 – 9 Bullets (6.5mm to .30 Cal)

    Hornady 2017 – ELD-X


    ELD Match

    • 2016 – 4 Bullets (6.5mm to .338 Cal)
    • 2017 – 19 Bullets (.22 Cal to .338 Cal)

    Hornady 2017 – ELD Match


    As you can see by the declining numbers of the A-MAX and the aggressive expansion of the ELD Match, the Extremely Low Drag line of bullets is the way of the future for Hornady. Look for a lot more to pop up in these lines in the years to come.

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