POTD: One Of A Kind Custom Hornady 12ga Reloading Die

    Thanks to Adam Scepaniak for sharing this.

    One of my employee’s (the same one with the Tacti-COOL belt-fed 9mm AR) solicited the Hornady Reloading Custom Shop to make him a 12 Gauge Brass Shotshell Die and just received it.
    Hornady had never made one of these ever before and had to prototype it; request a live round; spent round; and an empty, but primed round from us to assist in developing this die.
    It cost him $650.00 for this literally one-of-a-kind die set, and it took Hornady about 4 months to produce which I thought was pretty fast to go from theory to production.
    My employee’s name is Carl E. He’s a veteran, and you saw from his last gun that he loves “The Pew Life.”
    He’s looking to make some very potent home defense buckshot for obviously home defense and all-around tom-foolery.
    I am very curious to see what rounds he makes with these and am curious why brass 12ga is better than your run of the mill plastic shells for reloading?