Leupold LTO Tracker Hand Held Thermal Monocular | SHOT 2017

    After seeing the article by Adam on the Leupold LTO, I was immediately thinking it would be great on a gun. I have read some people say it is not rated for firearm recoil. On the Press sheet it says “NOT INTENDED FOR MOUNTING ON A FIREARM”. Well, after fiddling with the settings I some how unlocked a reticle crosshair on the screen.

    I spoke with a Leupold rep and asked them why can’t the LTO be mounted to a firearm. He said it is due to the recoil tests they perform. It has to handle an obscene number of shots from a .375 H&H. Ok, whoa that is a big cartridge. I asked about smaller calibers like .22LR or possibly varmint rounds. They said “no comment.”

    hmm, I think I need to test it!


    Nicholas C

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