NEW: Leupold “Tracker Thermal Viewer”

    Tracker Thermal Viewer

    Leupold has come up with a new, innovative tool to help you recover your game. The new LTO – Tracker Thermal Viewer is a thermal observation optic that can be used to find downed game or observe prospective trophies while on your hunt.

    This is not an optic that you can mount to a firearm as desirable as that idea may be. This is meant to be a standalone optic used for surveying your hunting area or to pursue downed or injured game.

    You have a 1.22″ diameter viewing lens with your choice of 6 different color modes. This thermal optic can be used at distances up to 600 yards. More importantly, it can be used at night as well as during the day whether its open prairie or dense forest terrain. I know this could have come in handy for me on several previous hunts when you are tracking a blood trail in the dark.

    The one downside I see is its operating temperature range. I personally hail from the gloriously, tropical state of Minnesota where it routinely dips to -20 degrees Fahrenheit every winter. For us hardcore varmint hunters, you may need to store this tight to your chest so it does not get too cold.

    The Leupold Tracker Thermal Viewer will prospectively be available near the end of November for consumers. It may miss a lot of state’s deer openers, but it will hopefully still find use for late-season deer hunts. Many people who do winter varmint hunting for coyote and fox could find this tool very useful also.

    The Leupold Tracker Thermal Viewer’s complete specification sheet can be viewed below.

    Tracker Thermal Viewer

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