The Future Of Destructive Devices Industries | SHOT 2017

    I caught up with Dave Fillers of DDI. Recently he sold DDI to Palmetto State Armory. And yet there are some things coming down the line. PSA seems only concerned with the AK side of DDI. But just prior to the buy out, Dave had imported a Chinese bullpup shotgun that looks like a QBZ-95. PSA is not interested in importing so Dave and his partners are going to start a new company called SDS Imports to continue to import the Chinese Semi Auto Bullpup Shotgun. Right now the shotgun has a couple quirks and they want those fixed before importing.

    They are looking into importing a Saiga style shotgun with pistol grip with a price point at around $399. All of their guns will have a hammer forged barrel and trunion.

    Next up they are working on the DDI47AR. It will be a piston system and since it has a side charging handle there are no rear orifices for gas to escape when run suppressed.

    Dave said he should have it finalized at next March’s Big 3 East Media Event.

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