Closer Look At The Magpul X-22 Backpacker | SHOT 2017

    Just last week, Magpul announced the X-22 Backpacker. It is a new variant of their X-22 Hunter Takedown stock but it is designed for backpacking out into the woods. Almost like a survival rifle. The handguard has been shortened and the stock has been altered so that you can store the barrel under the stock. The handguard interfaces into the cutaway section of the stock and locks onto a slot just behind the grip.

    Magpul posted a video showcasing some of the details.


    The cheek rest can lift up like the trunk of a car revealing storage space for three 10-rd rotary magazines. Or a divider can be removed so a standard 50rd box of ammo can be stored along with a spare magazine.

    The second divider has been removed. I wonder how much they move when stored? Would they rattle when jostled?


    In the video above, the grip has more storage with you pop open the cap at the bottom. From the orange o-ring, it looks like it might be water resistant if not water proof.


    The last feature is the optic mount that attaches to the handguard. With the optic mounted on the handguard and barrel, there is less chance of the POI/POA shifts from remounting the barrel multiple times.

    The X-22 Backpacker is on Magpul’s website and will retail for $109.95. It will be available This spring.

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