New Handgun: Canik TP9SF Elite Compact |SHOT 2017


    Century Arms officially announced the introduction of the Canik TP9SF Elite Compact pistol to the US market. This new handgun is similar to the original Turkish pistol, but in smaller package that may be more suitable for concealed carry.

    For a size comparison, the new gun is the same length as a Glock 19 Gen4, though taller by more than a 1/4″ and nearly 5 ounces heavier. Glock lists the 19 as having a width of 1.18″ while Canik states the TP9SF Elite has a width of almost 1.5″. I’m not sure that these guns are measuring width in the same location, which makes it tough for consumers to compare the two.


    The Canik TP9SF Elite is chambered in 9mm and holds 15 rounds in a magazine. On top, the company opted for a set of Warrn Tactical sights with a red fiber optic front. The slide release is ambidextrous.

    Two versions of the gun will be offered: the Elite and Elite-S. The -S model is the same as the plain Elite with the single addition of a trigger safety the company refers to as a “trigger stop”. According to the company, this device offers “…added security when the trigger may not be fully covered.”

    The MSRP on the Elite and Elite-S is $459.99.

    Richard Johnson

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