James Yeager Leaks The Canik TP9SF ELITE

    Love him or hate him, James Yeager still gives us a peek at the upcoming Canik TP9SF Elite. It appears that Mr. Yeager got his hands on the new mid-sized pistol while at a shoot with Ben “Mookie” Thomas. Yeager describes the pistol as having a 15 round capacity, on par with other mid-sized, compact designs like the P320 Compact and the Glock 19.

    Yeager goes on to say the new gun will come with Warren Tactical sights as standard on the US model, which I think is a nice touch. Yeager also says that the trigger “condition thing” will be slightly different, whatever the hell that means.

    With an anticipated price of about $399, the TP9SF Elite will undoubtedly be a contender that will put a small dent in the sales numbers of competing pistols. After all, the price is one of the leading motivators when the general public is choosing a pistol.

    Yeager goes on to shoot the pistol in the last bit of the video. It appears the TP9SF Elite is a bit more flippy than other pistols I have seen Yeager shoot.  I would be interested to get my hands on one to determine if that is reality. No word on official specs at this time, but I imagine they will be out shortly. Check out Yeager’s video below.