MantisX | SHOT 2017

    I first found MantisX at the NEXT pavilion last year at SHOT, and was actually given one to play with immediately. Since then it has become a part of my dry fire training regimen.

    One of the challenging things to do with dry fire is to collect actual data about what you are doing during the process of pulling the trigger–especially when alone. The MantisX fills that gap for a reasonable $150–the cost of a couple of range trips when you factor in gas and ammo and time (which is also one of the reasons that dry fire is such a good tool). It collects data via the accelerometer during your trigger pull and displays that information in a number of ways (some more detailed than others depending on your level of nerd need).

    New settings include the ability to set platform and type of training as well as weapon.

    This year, just in time for SHOT, Mantis has added a couple of new features to the app (and that is really one of the reasons that I really like Mantis–they are not remaining static). The new features include settings changes which allow you to select pistol or rifle, choose your weapon from the “arsenal”, and pick the type of firing you are doing (live, dry, or CO2). These setting not only help fine tune the data you generate, but they also provide the ability to filter your history (which is the other new feature).

    Filter your data for tailored reports.

    And the best part is the upgrades are free. You don’t need a new device–the changes are all in the app. If you do dry fire training, you should invest in one. If you are consistently having accuracy issues, you should also think about picking one up.

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