DAN .338 Tactical Precision Rifle from IWI US

    IWI, or Israel Weapon Industries Ltd., from Israel are perhaps most known for their bullpup Tavor models, UZIs and Galil rifles.

    But they also produce a rifle designed by Dr. Nehemia Sirkis in co-operation with Israel’s Defense Forces.

    It’s a sniper rifle called DAN, from the ancient city of Dan, chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum.


    That’s a very long Picatinny rail.

    What is not so commonly known is that the IWI DAN .338 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is used by the British special forces unit Special Air Service (SAS).

    The IWI DAN is said to have been used to snipe an executioner of ISIS, at least according to this source which also contains some interesting quotes.

    IWI USA is now about to launch the DAN 338 into the US market.


    Foldable stock makes the rifle very compact during transportation. As you can see, the bolt-action is locked.

    From the Press Release – IWI US Introduces the DAN® .338 Tactical Precision Rifle:


    Harrisburg, Pa. (January 2017)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., proudly announce the arrival on the US shores of the first IWI bolt-action tactical precision rifle in the DAN® .338. Manufactured to the exacting qualities that define all of the Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) products, the DAN delivers the highest standards of performance in reliability, ruggedness and sub-MOA accuracy in the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber.

    “Having the extraordinary DAN .338 in the IWI US catalog is a complement to our current product line-up,” Michael Kassnar, vice president of sales & marketing for IWI US explained. “Until now, we did not have a bolt-action rifle, but then IWI does not believe in filling in its product line-up with just any firearm. Every product that comes out of IWI is meticulously designed, seriously engineered and manufactured and put right into action on the battlefield as its final test. Only those firearm systems that exceed their expectations become an IWI firearm. For serious shooters and long-range competitors, the DAN is the ultimate rifle.”

    Built on a one-piece, lightweight aluminum alloy chassis with a full-length, one-piece Picatinny top rail with 20 MOA built-in canted drop, plus a full-length bottom Pic rail. For additional accessory mounting, there are also two moveable, short Picatinny rails at 3 and 6 o’clock. The side-folding aluminum buttstock is skeletonized for less weight and has an adjustable length-of-pull, adjustable drop-of-heel and adjustable comb.

    Adjustable stock with Picatinny rail, to be able to mount a supporting monopod from Accu-Shot.


    Other features and accessories included are:

    • 28” heavy fluted, free-floating, cold-hammer forged interchangeable barrel
    • 1:10 twist with 5/8 x 24 TPI threaded muzzle
    • Two-stage adjustable trigger
    • Ambidextrous mag release and trigger block safety
    • Two 10-round steel magazines
    • Atlas BT46-LW17 PSR bipod
    • ACCU-SHOT BT13-QK-PRM adjustable folding monopod
    • Borka PTL precision torque limiter wrench
    • Dewey BRCCK-338L cleaning kit with .338 Lapua Magnum custom DAN bore guide and 44” one-piece rod
    • Heavy duty lockable case with custom foam insert


    The IWI DAN has sub-MOA accuracy at range of 1200 meters, and comes without the scope pictured.

    Unfortunately there is no price mentioned. I would like to think this rifle could be a nice competitor to the quite expensive (and rightly so) SAKO TRG M10.


    TFB covered the DAN 338 already in 2014, now it’s time for the US customers to have their go.

    IWI Releases .338 Lapua Bolt Action “DAN” Rifle



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