SmartRounds: Non-lethal Smart Projectiles

    Smart Rounds Technologies has designed non-lethal, non-impact smart shotgun projectiles called SmartRounds. These rounds are capable of detecting the proximity to the target and deploy the non-lethal payload right before the impact.

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    The SmartRounds projectiles have two microchip sensors controlling their performance. One of the sensors is an acceleration sensor and is located at the tail of the projectile. It detects the acceleration of the round being fired and triggers the mechanism of the projectile. The second one is a CMOS image sensor located in the nose of the round. It detects the distance to the target and detonates the payload right before an impact could happen.

    The SmartRounds have two versions: ShockRound and PepperRound. ShockRound has a payload of flash-bang and nitrogen gas. The PepperRound produces a flash-bang and pepper spray cloud near the target. Here is a video presentation of this technology:

    The manufacturer claims that SmartRounds are truly a non-lethal solution. Unlike less-lethal projectiles, these never impact the target thus eliminating any lethal damage possibility. The rounds are designed to be fired from any 12 gauge shotgun. I assume they mean cylinder bore shotguns (no chokes). The SmartRounds have a muzzle velocity of 450 fps and maximum range of 100 meters. SmartRounds Technologies have all the patents for their designs and are raising funds through an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to start manufacturing the SmartRounds.

    It would be interesting to know if the round explodes even if it is about to miss the target like some anti-aircraft projectiles do. Imagine if the shooter has missed the target by an inch or so …will the “smart round” understand that? Also, it is not clear what will happen if the round hasn’t reached or missed the target and landed somewhere. Will it self-destruct or will it remain unexploded? In both cases, it can be dangerous for others, especially in an urban environment.



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