Current usage of the CAA Roni

    Converting handguns into a carbine like form is nothing new, going back at least to the Civil War with various attempts at installing a stock and longer barrel on revolvers in use at the time. Command Arms Accessories has been brining to market their Roni kit for several years now, but is there any actual use of it outside of recreational conversions? Examples from Iraq and India have shown the conversion kit in active usage by some soldiers within the Iraqi Army, and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland, a separatist group in India. I can’t find the photograph that showed an Iraqi soldier with the Roni, but instead found one of a soldier in an Iraqi uniform shooting it at a shooting range. In addition I’ve shown a number of Ronis that have appeared on the Iraqi small arms market, some outfitted to Glock 17s, and others to what appears to be a Walther P99 handgun.

    Most of these kits are most likely not the product CAA puts out for the small arms market, instead being the Airsoft version that is much easier to acquire worldwide. Especially in Iraq where the proliferation of Airsoft components being used on actual firearms is very disseminated. In fact, the below video is from Thailand, where a shooter takes an actual Glock 17, and assembles it into an Airsoft Roni.

    Either way, both groups portrayed with the Roni are using it because it is a cheap and effective method for getting somewhat carbine effectiveness with nothing more than a handgun and a parts kit.






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