CAA Micro RONI Now Shipping

    Not too long ago we reviewed the non-NFA RONI for the Glock 17 and found it to be a pretty good option if you are looking for such a thing. Shortly after that review was finished up, CAA announced the Micro RONI that appeared to be geared more towards LEO and MIL use.

    The new Micro RONI appears to have a much different method of installing the pistol in the chassis, a feature that will make many happy since the old method of swinging half the RONI out of the way was a bit of a pain compared to the new trapdoor method. From the video that Nick C. posted a while back you can see that the new RONI uses some sort of trap door that swings away and allows the user to slide the pistol into the chassis from the rear.

    MSRP appears to start at $225 and goes all the way up to $699 depending on options and configuration. There is a model available with magazine holder that doubles as a vertical foregrip and another with a built-in light for the Glock 17 only.

    The Micro RONI is now shipping to dealers and is also available on the CAA website HERE.