HERA Arms CQR stock on a California Ruger AR-556

    The HERA Arms CQR stock has now appeared in the US.

    The CA legal stock was mounted on a Ruger AR-556, model number 8500 with a 16.1″ barrel.

    More on the Ruger rifle here.

    The Ruger in the head picture has the new HERA barrel cap on it.

    Looks are very similar to the A2 Flash hider. I don’t know the details of the California legislation, but my understanding is that flash hiders are forbidden, but the HERA cap is allowed?


    Carbine buffer inside. It doesn’t look like this rifle is going to be too easy to handle with this stock, but I guess that’s one of the purposes with the CA laws? Note the short magazine.


    Some press photos below. EOTech on the Picatinny. HERA magazine inserted.


    The design with the hidden Picatinny rail is very clever.


    The next big thing from HERA is most likely a product video of the stock and grip.

    It is possible to pre-order the stock and grip in black, tan or olive drab and there is a notification system online when the products are available.


    The pricing is a pleasant surprise.

    The CQR Front Grip is just 39 USD, and the CQR Buttstock is 119 USD.

    The CQR California legal buttstock is 124 USD.

    Check out http://www.lanworldinc.com for more information.

    Eric B

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