New grips from Henning Custom (Tanfoglio / EAA Witness)

    Joakim at the shooting team JM Works Sweden posted this experience and he let us share it:

    “Just got new grips from Henning Custom for my Tanfoglio Limited Custom. A really nice upgrade from his previous grips.”

    2016-11-16 19.38.54

    “The old style Henning grips have a good grip, but they are quite wide beneath the beaver tail.”

    2016-11-16 19.38.57

    “The new grips are slimmer under the beaver tail, it makes it easier to achieve a higher and tighter grip.”

    2016-11-16 19.39.01

    “Old style grip have a uniform checkering, if you have small hands the magazine release button can be hard to reach.”

    The thumb rest is modified to spare some pain when racking the gun.

    2016-11-16 19.39.04

    “Old style grip are the same on both sides, also here the checkering is uniform.”

    2016-11-16 19.39.16

    New style grip has a contour and a smooth surface to ease the reach of the magazine release button.”

    2016-11-16 19.39.12

    “Here is the new style grip smooth to make it easier for the trigger finger. The edges of the smooth area has some light stripes to help with the grip.”

    2016-11-16 19.39.19

    The grips can be found here. Price is set at 135 USD.

    Brand new design by Henning Shop for Tanfoglio / EAA Witness Large Frame models Match, Steel, and Stock (I) Full Size!

    Ergonomic, contoured and checkered aluminum grips to fit your hands and thoughtfully machined to fit tight in your frame. They are all made out of 6061 aluminum, and are offered in anodized black.  We can have any of them custom finished in BearCoat which is an Industrial Teflon type baked-on paint. Custom colors will take about a week to process. We have specifically designed a grip screw that is tougher than the factory, has a smaller head and uses a Torx which reduces the chances of accidentally scratch your grips when tightening the screws. The factory flat head screwdriver can slip. Always use blue loctite when you tighten your grips.

    These grips narrows the grip thickness considerably and makes it more comfortable for most hands. Here are the width comparisons:

    The main link to Henning Webshop USA:

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