Magpul Releases “El Empresario” Tejas Gun Belt – A Gun Belt for Dressing Up

    While I have bemoaned Magpul for going contrary to their core values in the past, they certainly have hit the innovative nail on the head with their Tejas Gun Belts. Manufactured in Texas, the Tejas series combines a high-quality leather exterior with a polymer interior band creating a fantastic gun belt. Since purchasing one about nine months ago, I have worn nothing else and even went and purchased the black leather version for “dressing up”.

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    But, the basic “El Original” gun belt was not quite up to snuff with putting on a suit. The belt itself was a bit big for some belt loops and the lack of gloss made it difficult to pair with other black leather goods while wearing a suit.

    Recognizing this, Magpul has announced the release of their latest entry to the Tejas Gun Belt link, the “El Empresario”. Keeping the polymer backer, Magpul has updated the belt with a better buckle, a thinner & smaller belt, and a “finer” finish. These updates combine to make the Tejas more appropriate / less obvious in a “dress up” scenario.

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    The “El Empressario” is available in black, chocolate (dark brown), light brown, and a blue grey for those fashion-forward firearms enthusiasts. Retail is set at $89.95 for all colors and is available now.


    Nathan S

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