Magpul Integrates Deeper Into The Rear-End of Modern Sporting Rifles

    Not content to dominate the exterior of Stoner-based modern sporting rifles, MagPul has decided to hop into them as well. Where previous accessories were limited to handguards, magazines, grips, etc. Magpul has gone full-tilt integrating itself with the rear-end of the rifle. On top of their recent announcement of magazine extension tubes, Magpul has released buffers, recoil springs, & receiver extension mounting hardware.

    *Yes, I had a lot of fun writing that headline. 

    The latest products include:

    Honestly, this seems like a bit of a letdown from the typically innovative company. For most products, Magpul sets itself apart by offering products that are unique or otherwise increase the usability or functionality of the stock component they replace. The latest products (not counting the receiver extension) really are underwhelming. There is nothing “Magpul” about them and seems to violate their Foundation:

    Do not betray the brand.

    People who use Magpul products have high expectations and a great deal of trust regarding the quality and amount of thought put into every design we release. As such, all products must have the “touch” of the Magpul design team as outlined in the first part of this document. On the same note, great care must be taken not to associate the brand with any third party product that does not adhere to the Magpul core values.

    The springs are not polymer coated (or a different material), the buffers feature no special Magpul technology, and the end place and castle nut are marked-up reselling of outside manufactured product. Color me disappointed.

    However, it does signal that the company is expanding quickly. Let’s hope the R&D department has some fun things in the hopper more than re-branding existing product with a logo.

    Nathan S

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